Health Professional Information

1800 My Options aims to cater to the needs of all Victorian women wanting sexual and reproductive health information, including where they can access contraception services, abortions and other clinical and counselling services.

To achieve this, 1800 My Options maintains a database of clinical and other service providers and pharmacists, who consent to have their information provided to Victorian women contacting the new service.  

The storage of information within the 1800 My Options database will comply with national privacy legislative requirements as well as with Victorian State Government data security requirements.

Service providers will have the option of being publicly listed on a website, or having their information kept privately, and only made available to women under certain circumstances.

List Your Services With Us

If you would like your services to be made available to the new 1800 My Options service you can 'opt in' by completing this online form;

For other enquiries please use the contact form