When can I have an abortion?

Abortion is legal in Victoria and women are legally entitled to have an abortion up to 24 weeks. You can estimate how many weeks pregnant you are by counting the weeks since you had your last normal period.

Please note that it is important you have the gestation of pregnancy confirmed by a health professional as soon as possible. This is often done via a blood test to confirm pregnancy, followed by an ultrasound to confirm gestational age (how many weeks pregnant you are).

Even though abortion is legal up to 24 weeks, the number of options you have tends to decrease as the pregnancy gestation increases, so it's important to access information and services as quickly as you can. Most abortions are performed before the 12th week of pregnancy.

Search for abortion and contraception providers across Victoria. You can search for providers close to where you live, and find out whether they do blood testing or ultrasounds on site.

Two types of abortion procedures are legal in Victoria, surgical and medical.

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