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Abortion: What to do


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Step 1: Confirm the pregnancy 

The first thing to do is have some tests to confirm that you are pregnant.

These tests include:

Most people will need to see a GP to have their pregnancy confirmed.  

Step 2: Choose an abortion method 

If you are under 9 weeks (63 days) of pregnancy you may be able to choose between a medication or surgical abortion, depending on any other health issues you may have.

If you are over 9 weeks pregnant you will need to have a surgical abortion. 

Step 3: Find an abortion service 

We can help you find an abortion service. You can either speak to one of our phone workers who will give you a number of different options for services, or you can search for an abortion service on our website.

You can also speak to a GP about abortion services.

Most abortion services do not need a GP referral. 

You will need to contact the abortion service to make an appointment. They can tell you about any fees and charges.

If you are making an appointment to see a GP about having an abortion, let the reception staff know that you are wanting to discuss abortion options so they give you an appointment with a doctor who can help you (as not all GPs provide or are willing to discuss abortion).

Step 4: Planning your time 

You will usually need at least a couple of days to have the abortion, rest and recover.  

If you are having a medication abortion:

If you are having a surgical abortion:

Step 5: Follow up care 

Your doctor will talk to you about any follow up care that you might need. This may include any contraception needs you may have.

You should be able to return to your normal activities within a couple of days of your abortion

If you are worried about anything you should contact the doctor/service who provided the abortion.  

If you are feeling distressed after your abortion you can speak to pregnancy options counsellor. Some abortion services may provide their own post-abortion counselling services. You can also speak to your GP or us to help you find a counselling service.