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Refugees + Asylum Seekers 

Photo of a group of multiethnic women

Good health and wellbeing is vital to refugees and asylum seekers' ability to settle successfully in the community.  

Refugees and asylum seekers often have multiple and complex health issues. This may be caused by experiences of detention, torture, poverty, trauma, and poor access to healthcare. However, sexual and reproductive health services are often under-used by migrant and refugee communitiesm, which can lead to poor knowledge of, and access to, contraception, STI screening and unplanned pregnancy support. 

Finding a refugee and asylum seeker health service 

In Victoria, there are many general and specialist refugee health and community care services. Asylum seekers can access most Victorian public health services, such as community health services, and have special access schemes for public hospital services.  

If you are a refugee or asylum seeker, or advocating on behalf of a refugee or asylum seeker, 1800 My Options can help you find appropriate sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Contact us on 1800 696 784 (Weekdays 9am – 5pm), or email

If you are not comfortable speaking English, please state your preferred language when you call and we will find you an interpreter. 

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