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Registering your service

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1800 My Options uses a database of sexual and reproductive health service providers to help connect Victorians to local sexual and reproductive health care services. Our database currently includes around 600 providers including GPs, hospitals, private specialists, pharmacists, radiologists and counsellors.  

When someone contacts us for sexual health support, we can only refer them to a service provider that has registered with us; that is, they have consented to have their details given to people who contact the 1800 My Options service.  

We welcome you to register your services with us if you provide any of the following services: 

To help us know which callers would best suit your services, please let us know if: 

Public and private registrations available  

Your service can be either listed publicly or privately with our service: 


If you have any questions about registration, please email

The storage of information within the 1800 My Options database complies with national privacy legislative requirements as well as with Victorian State Government data security requirements.