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Rural + Regional Communities

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If you live in rural and regional Victoria, it can sometimes be hard to access sexual and reproductive health care.  

This can be due to a range of factors including:   

Many rural and regional services, however, are very aware of the challenges women living in their communities face and will try their best to meet your needs. For example, some services may have same-day appointments for rural patients or telehealth options. 

Rural and regional abortion services

If you are seeking an abortion and are 12+ weeks pregnant you will need to travel to Melbourne, as most rural and regional based abortion services currently have a 12 week limit.

If you are earlier than 12 weeks pregnant, there are GP services, hospitals and private clinics which can provide medication and surgical abortion services. 

Finding a service near you

If you are finding it difficult to locate sexual and reproductive health services in rural or regional Victoria, 1800 My Options can help.

Contact us on 1800 696 784 (Weekdays 9am – 5pm), or email


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